The Gift

You started your journey years ago,
And now you have come so far so long,
As it’s the day you stepped in this world,
So the world sings for you a birthday song.
Many voices come and so do the gifts,
But some presents come all year long,
Those presents just don’t wait for a birthday song.
There’s a soldier gifting you freedom,
Standing tall in front of terror problems.
There’s a farmer gifting you food,
Without which not even mighty would have stood.
There’s a teacher gifting you knowledge,
The biggest ever gift which we fail to acknowledge.
There’s a sweeper blessing you with cleanliness,
Though you move away from him with arrogance.
There’s a doctor giving you medicines,
But a nurse making sure you take them all,
Caring for you all day long,
Singing on your birthday a silent birthday song.

Post is also available on BayArt.


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