I was moving with the course of life,
Keeping mind still and rising high,
Then there stood a question yet pending,
What should the future me be doing.
I sat down there and had a deep thought
Thinking there about many professions around.
First I thought of taking up Science and Mathematics
As I was fascinated by reactions and statistics,
Then came the thought of studying too hard,
Which made me drop this idea with a heavy heart.
Second thought was about sailing with Science
And this thought was given to my higher conscience,
Those researches and assignments weren’t my cup of tea
So that idea was forced to flee.
Third choice was about studying Commerce
Finding the places for money to immerse,
But higher the money higher the problems,
Made me reject commerce with deep remorse.
The last choice was taking up Humanities
Studying our society and historical enmities.
I was confused deep down in that thought
Then heart gave me a touching taunt
It spoke silently yet created a rant,
As always it was wiser than any other day,
“Will you be a human or your soul forgot that way”?


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