The Tough Fight

Every time we see ourselves struggling with problems some of us might imagine themselves as a warrior fighting his/her war against all odds of his/her life and most of the times the war is against Fear. Most of the people try to keep themselves motivated by saying that “Fear is nonexistent and you need not worry about it” but you have to understand that Fear is existing and a very brutal force. Yes fears do exist and that is why many of the people end up losing this tough fight. Fear is not that type of enemy which would stop you physically from reaching your target but it would hamper you mentally as it would not let you reach your target by not allowing you to capitalize the opportunity which you are getting by showing you either the fear of consequence or fear of difficulty.

Many of us have fears whether they are big or small but still we end up managing without conquering it or deleting its existence but think about yourself in a situation of a person who has fear of water and doesn’t know how to swim suddenly falling into deep waters.What will he do? If he wants to survive then he has to stop himself from drowning and if he is successful then he might try to learn swimming after being safe on the shores. This is the only trick going to help you that is Root of Fear is inaction and it can be cured only by doing something to cure it. Action towards fear is that pill which can help you conquer fears of your life.

If fear was nonexistent then there couldn’t have been so many books and quotes capturing the way to deal with fear. Most of the books and researches say that fear is being continuously nurtured by negative thoughts which are present in your memory. If you go swimming to a place then you might remember some situation where someone drowned while swimming there or any other places but such cases effect your mind’s thinking and seeds of fear are sown which slowly and slowly turn into a big monster so don’t let yourself go negative.

“As soon as you see your fear approach it and destroy it”.- Chanakya


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