Other side of a Coin

Every coin has 2 sides and every time we see one of the sides, the other side is completely non-existent for many of us but the fact that is hard to digest for all of us is that the side which is shown is there because another side of a coin is ready to be burdened by other face and gets buried down in same way as the foundation stones. It is not forced to be beneath the visible face but still fate chooses it. Everyone focuses on that side of coin which is visible to all of us and nobody is bothered about other side of the coin.

Same thing is going on with our society as we all are busy in looking at the top of the tower but almost nobody is looking at the basis or foundation of the tower. We all look at heroes and admire them but how many of us know the people behind them who helped them reach that spot.We can easily take names of many billionaires but we don’t know many of the employees who are working for them though I respect those billionaires’ leadership skills but you need to realize that there is a need to recognize those people who sometimes over-work for those billionaires.

Our outlook towards an outcome or a condition is always important and it is always necessary to check all the outcomes. We all use microwave ovens regularly at our home but its invention has got an interesting story behind it.Here is how we got an important lead in research of microwave.  It was at Raytheon when Spencer tried to investigate something strange that happened to his candy bar inside his pocket. While Spencer was working on building magnetrons for radar sets, he was standing in front of an active radar when his candy bar melted in his pocket. At this point he and other colleagues began positioning the magnetron in a manner to direct heat at other food items like popcorn kernels and egg to see if a similar effect would occur.Needless to say, this accidental melting of his candy bar inside his pocket led Percy Spencer to invent the microwave oven that is used in most households today. When Percy Spencer, the inventor of microwave oven was working on an active radiation radar at Raytheon and if he would not have observed the melted candy bar and his team would not have directed magnetron towards popcorn kernels or egg then we would have possibly received Microwave after too many researches.

So, don’t overlook anything. It can happen that the poison for someone turns out to be a medicine for someone.

Here is the link to Percy Spencer’s story where you can read Raymond Martinez’s answer:  https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-unintended-science-inventions-in-history.



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