The Revolution

Sometimes the situation you are living in,the place you live at and all the other things which have effect on your life are going great but sometimes it needs a ‘revolution’. Revolution is a change which is brought into a place,society or anything else but most important change a revolution needs to bring or brings is change in thinking. You are being good in revolution if you can change a hell into heaven but you are being best at it if you can change the thinking of people. Surely change of environment effects the thinking but it is when the thinking is in growing stage and not fully grown. So if you can change the thinking of people who have been believing into it then you are best in bringing revolution. Everyone needs revolution in some or the other way.Some need revolution in the conditions they are living at,some in their work while some in their heart. Revolution is not a sudden change.It took Indians too many years to realize that they need to fight colonial powers but that revolution required a lot of people giving up their lives to inspire people to fight for independence of the country.Now, people were ready to pickup weapons for independence but soon Gandhi entered the scenario and showed people that being non-violent also can help in spearheading the independence movement. This brought a revolution which also led to formation of Non-Aligned Movement by Jawahar Lal Nehru and many other head of the states of many countries,  Nelson Mandela being influenced by his methods for the independence of South Africa and Martin Luther King Jr. being influenced by his ideas of non-violence.

It is revolution which changes the course of history but the path of revolution is decided by thoughts of the leader of the revolution.


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