The Unsung Hero

The Unsung Hero

Your soul shall rest under the nation’s pride,
With you holding our flag too high,
Oh unsung hero I pray for you!
You left your family for us anonymous to you
But all we did for you was equal to nothing.
We took pride in almost everything
But you were most humble even after doing such a thing.
Celebrity’s death was moaned by whole country,
But on your death tears were shed only by your friends and family.
Soon I saw a soul coming to me,
Shining in a tidy uniform,
The soul started speaking in an enchanting voice
“Thank you dear friend for caring for me,
But I didn’t lay my life for such pity things”
After recovering from this surprise,
I continued in an anxious voice
“Oh dear friend then
What about your family”?
He continued with a bold smile but there were few tears
“Initially I had some fears,
But with the passage of time they all got cleared,
The sight of my children and family’s courage,
Gave me a heaven entourage”
I moved as the soul disappeared,
With my eyes full of tears.

My Salute to all those who give up their lives for us. Let those eyes rest now which were once open for our safety.


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