We all work in our life and there are always some aspects in which we are good but there are some in which we are average but in some we are just ‘imperfect’. What is this Imperfection? According to dictionaries, imperfection means faulty or incomplete but wait isn’t it the incompleteness of your life that motivates you to be better. When you sleep, you think of having a better tomorrow and with this hope you close your eyes. And the next morning when you wake up you are the same person with same problems trying to behold you but now you are ready with a new energy which was filled up in you because of your imperfection. It is your constant imperfection which makes you feel like achieving perfection but it isn’t that easy to reach that stage.

Imperfection is not always alone and negative. It can sometimes be taken as strong motivation for yourself. Ratan Tata was imperfect in car business although he owned one. When he went to Detroit to sell this business to Ford, CEO of Ford taunted him saying “We are doing a favor by buying this business. Why did you enter this business when you knew nothing about it”. Tata cancelled the deal and returned and made Tata Motors a big success and subsequently also bought Ford-owned Jaguar and Land Rover car business. In this case you can see that though Tata was imperfect in passenger car business, he did well in it just because of the realization of imperfection accompanied by a great mind.

So we can say that imperfection is a good source of motivation if people take it in positive way. Sometimes it is not the brightest of light which can make your stars shine but it is the dark background that you need to make your stars shine.

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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