‘The Wordict’

Here are some lines/tales written by me:

  • The best works of writing exist because of best condition of mind or worst condition of heart.
  • The pen I was holding while writing my emotions was the heaviest thing I have ever taken in my hand.
  • If the sky of your life has turned dark then it means your stars are about to shine.
  • If people are throwing stones at you, then it is your duty to build a fort from them because forts are built from stones, not flowers.
  • This world is totally false. You cannot see the heaviest things-emotions and you cannot see the strongest in this world-time.
  • Had the night not been darker,moon wouldn’t have existed.
  • We can hear within fix range of frequency,smell within fix distance but still look till infinity because we have to travel a lot.
  • A short tale – “I kept my wealth ready to be taken but the pickpocket time took my youth from me” An old man said.



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