Writing:Passion or Addiction?

Writing is a simple word which defines my life. My writing skills took me over long back when I was in class 7th working with some English assignment. Till then writing was known to me only as Letter writing,Notice writing or Speech writing Thanks to our Indian Educational System. I was a fresh writer and I had no experience in writing except for writing answers to some questions of literature which I didn’t learn. Slowly I began maturing as a writer and made a Quora Account. I was first a reader and then I became a writer on it. When my life slowly changed in Class 8, I never talked to my friends or even my parents about my love for writing and kept it to myself.The pen I was holding while writing my emotions was the heaviest thing I ever took in my hand”.I wanted someone with whom I can share my works but I didn’t find one. For my friends and even my parents,I was an early sleeper but the reality was that I would get up at around 1 am again and write something down. It became my best friend. Pen was being with me till I got a new laptop but still I had pen in my hand always. My writing skills got exposed to few of my class girls after I just had some deep conversations with them. I even wrote a poem on life for a girl who had her birthday next day. My skills were now to be showcased. So I have created this blog to write myself down. I have read many good and impressive blogs on many topics on both quora and wordpress.

I never mentioned writing as my passion but as an addiction which would keep me away from everything that I face in this world.People would say my life is easy but they are only watching roses and not the thorns there. I take writing as an addiction because:

  • Writing gives me immense pleasure just like drugs to a drug addict.
  • When I see my emotions taking over me I feel like writing down.just like an addict.
  • Talent fades away with time but addiction gets deeper.
  • When you feel like doing nothing you do it just as I write.

This was my story of writing.


2 thoughts on “Writing:Passion or Addiction?

  1. Your writing story is so similar to mine. I started writing a story out of nowhere in chass 6th. I started writing way before i started reading n that was in class 9th. The story i was writing back then never got completed n then i left writing. N then again in 8th i started writing. I wrote poems n short stories (i was used to share them too). In 9th i didn’t wrote anything. In 10th i started writing again. I write way better now n i love writing. Its the best way to express yourself. Anyway i m sure u had zero interest in my writing story but i told it anyway

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    • Thanks for Commenting here.Haha I don’t feel like being not interested instead I love to know stories about people and I am always there for those who write and my reason for joining blogs was to get bonded with other writers and open up with people and I have seen many bad times during my writing phase but still I am writing. This is the reason why I don’t say writing as my love but an addiction because whatever happens but I still found myself sitting in my room and writing. Be an addict of thing that you love. Give writing your heart and you would wield the strongest thing. And I don’t lose interest in something related to writing. Feel free!


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