There I stood dumbfounded

Foreword:The poem and poet doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments and I am not pointing against any politician. Its just about a person being trapped in a rally.

The guards nodded, crowd applauded
Politician continued saying there is a lot more to say.
But amidst this crap there I was standing,
Among the crowd totally dumbfounded.
As the day started with this dismay,
I started looking for my way.
As I moved the people ranted,
Asking me to stand where I stood.
But I found nothing good in standing,
As my legs started walking.
People came with cheap abusing,
I asked them if they would let me go.
But they ranted with a bit of ego,
I pleaded them to let me go,
But still they came with a harsh no.
Upset with my condition I thought of something unusual,
But I did nothing cruel.
Then I acted of fainting and falling down,
And People around me started to pick me up,
Excuse me! A medical case please hurry up.
As soon as I reached out of the crowd,
I stood well in front of them,
Apologizing for what I did to them.
The boys started heartily laughing,
I was trying to know what was happening.
They said we were looking for someone like you,
Trying to give someone and themselves a rescue.
We all shared a hearty laugh,
But soon we saw approaching rally staff,
Puzzled at us having a laugh.
We all started running hard,
As we played a tricky card.
Among the crowd I ‘was’ standing dumbfounded.

Cartoon Courtesy:Cartoonist Narsim from India Today and Google.


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