‘The Wordict’

Here are some lines/tales written by me:

  • The best works of writing exist because of best condition of mind or worst condition of heart.
  • The pen I was holding while writing my emotions was the heaviest thing I have ever taken in my hand.
  • If the sky of your life has turned dark then it means your stars are about to shine.
  • If people are throwing stones at you, then it is your duty to build a fort from them because forts are built from stones, not flowers.
  • This world is totally false. You cannot see the heaviest things-emotions and you cannot see the strongest in this world-time.
  • Had the night not been darker,moon wouldn’t have existed.
  • We can hear within fix range of frequency,smell within fix distance but still look till infinity because we have to travel a lot.
  • A short tale – “I kept my wealth ready to be taken but the pickpocket time took my youth from me” An old man said.



Colonel Curiosity

Our life is a war that we fight with ourselves. The anger that controls our mind sometimes is result of a bad decision taken by us in some situation and we are not ready to take responsibility of it most of the times. When we are happy it is the result of our decision which proved to be fruitful in the given situation. In both the cases, we are the ones whose decision has made the difference in our mood.Anger and sadness come and hold our intelligence as captive which is harmful but when their captive is our curiosity then it is even more harmful’. Our life is a battalion which is commanded by curiosity, an able colonel and commander which can help you fight most difficult situations because it is the curiosity which gives our existence a life. When your commander is captivated by the most powerful enemies our life which are anger and sadness, it is the moment when our life stops fighting for it. If you find yourself just repeating the same routine everyday without any change or occasional explorations of yourself then you are just existing and not living. Just like an army falling in absence of a leader,our body or our life also reaches its downfall when it loses its commanders:Curiosity and Intelligence. 

Curiosity is something that is natural and everyone has got some traces of it but still many of the people lack curiosity. It is not that they lacked it from starting point of their life but it was the way there curiosity was being taken by the people around them. If people around a curious child aren’t understanding the child’s curiosity then he/she would have to suffer because a team without a leader always suffers but in some cases when child is not having much curiosity but the environment around leads to growth of it and intelligence then anger and sadness will have a tough time beating the superb combination of intelligence and curiosity. So it can be concluded that if the curiosity is like a dead plant it can be nurtured to a good condition by proper ways but a well grown plant also can turn into a dead plant after the care and nutrition stops. It depends on the environment and our own willingness to be curious.

  • Try exploring yourself,your passion and your addiction.
  • Don’t stop learning.
  • Questioning is an important aspect of curiosity.
  • Barriers in your path of knowledge and curiosity must be overlooked.

Be Curious!

Writing:Passion or Addiction?

Writing is a simple word which defines my life. My writing skills took me over long back when I was in class 7th working with some English assignment. Till then writing was known to me only as Letter writing,Notice writing or Speech writing Thanks to our Indian Educational System. I was a fresh writer and I had no experience in writing except for writing answers to some questions of literature which I didn’t learn. Slowly I began maturing as a writer and made a Quora Account. I was first a reader and then I became a writer on it. When my life slowly changed in Class 8, I never talked to my friends or even my parents about my love for writing and kept it to myself.The pen I was holding while writing my emotions was the heaviest thing I ever took in my hand”.I wanted someone with whom I can share my works but I didn’t find one. For my friends and even my parents,I was an early sleeper but the reality was that I would get up at around 1 am again and write something down. It became my best friend. Pen was being with me till I got a new laptop but still I had pen in my hand always. My writing skills got exposed to few of my class girls after I just had some deep conversations with them. I even wrote a poem on life for a girl who had her birthday next day. My skills were now to be showcased. So I have created this blog to write myself down. I have read many good and impressive blogs on many topics on both quora and wordpress.

I never mentioned writing as my passion but as an addiction which would keep me away from everything that I face in this world.People would say my life is easy but they are only watching roses and not the thorns there. I take writing as an addiction because:

  • Writing gives me immense pleasure just like drugs to a drug addict.
  • When I see my emotions taking over me I feel like writing down.just like an addict.
  • Talent fades away with time but addiction gets deeper.
  • When you feel like doing nothing you do it just as I write.

This was my story of writing.

My Life is taking turns

My Life is taking Turns

This Poem is written and dedicated to all the youth who make some choices in their lives.

Now I don’t feel those burns,
The ones given by many dear ones,
I think my life is taking many turns.
I don’t feel tired after the day’s adjourns,
Time stops for me when I touch my ferns,
I think my life is taking turns.
The blind turns of my life have turned into a straight path,
Filled with joy today but once only wrath,
I think my life is taking turns.
The path to destination is full of procrastination,
But all you need is some passion and determination.
The path I chose was not a straight one,
But surely it was a great one,
I think my life is taking turns.
The times which were like hell have turned into memories,
Full of flashbacks my life has become,
I think my life is taking turns.
The turns of my life took some price,
But after all the drama they were my own choice,
I think my life is taking turns.

Please do comment on this poem and all comments are welcome.


There I stood dumbfounded

Foreword:The poem and poet doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments and I am not pointing against any politician. Its just about a person being trapped in a rally.

The guards nodded, crowd applauded
Politician continued saying there is a lot more to say.
But amidst this crap there I was standing,
Among the crowd totally dumbfounded.
As the day started with this dismay,
I started looking for my way.
As I moved the people ranted,
Asking me to stand where I stood.
But I found nothing good in standing,
As my legs started walking.
People came with cheap abusing,
I asked them if they would let me go.
But they ranted with a bit of ego,
I pleaded them to let me go,
But still they came with a harsh no.
Upset with my condition I thought of something unusual,
But I did nothing cruel.
Then I acted of fainting and falling down,
And People around me started to pick me up,
Excuse me! A medical case please hurry up.
As soon as I reached out of the crowd,
I stood well in front of them,
Apologizing for what I did to them.
The boys started heartily laughing,
I was trying to know what was happening.
They said we were looking for someone like you,
Trying to give someone and themselves a rescue.
We all shared a hearty laugh,
But soon we saw approaching rally staff,
Puzzled at us having a laugh.
We all started running hard,
As we played a tricky card.
Among the crowd I ‘was’ standing dumbfounded.

Cartoon Courtesy:Cartoonist Narsim from India Today and Google.