The Gift

You started your journey years ago,
And now you have come so far so long,
As it’s the day you stepped in this world,
So the world sings for you a birthday song.
Many voices come and so do the gifts,
But some presents come all year long,
Those presents just don’t wait for a birthday song.
There’s a soldier gifting you freedom,
Standing tall in front of terror problems.
There’s a farmer gifting you food,
Without which not even mighty would have stood.
There’s a teacher gifting you knowledge,
The biggest ever gift which we fail to acknowledge.
There’s a sweeper blessing you with cleanliness,
Though you move away from him with arrogance.
There’s a doctor giving you medicines,
But a nurse making sure you take them all,
Caring for you all day long,
Singing on your birthday a silent birthday song.

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I was moving with the course of life,
Keeping mind still and rising high,
Then there stood a question yet pending,
What should the future me be doing.
I sat down there and had a deep thought
Thinking there about many professions around.
First I thought of taking up Science and Mathematics
As I was fascinated by reactions and statistics,
Then came the thought of studying too hard,
Which made me drop this idea with a heavy heart.
Second thought was about sailing with Science
And this thought was given to my higher conscience,
Those researches and assignments weren’t my cup of tea
So that idea was forced to flee.
Third choice was about studying Commerce
Finding the places for money to immerse,
But higher the money higher the problems,
Made me reject commerce with deep remorse.
The last choice was taking up Humanities
Studying our society and historical enmities.
I was confused deep down in that thought
Then heart gave me a touching taunt
It spoke silently yet created a rant,
As always it was wiser than any other day,
“Will you be a human or your soul forgot that way”?

The Tough Fight

Every time we see ourselves struggling with problems some of us might imagine themselves as a warrior fighting his/her war against all odds of his/her life and most of the times the war is against Fear. Most of the people try to keep themselves motivated by saying that “Fear is nonexistent and you need not worry about it” but you have to understand that Fear is existing and a very brutal force. Yes fears do exist and that is why many of the people end up losing this tough fight. Fear is not that type of enemy which would stop you physically from reaching your target but it would hamper you mentally as it would not let you reach your target by not allowing you to capitalize the opportunity which you are getting by showing you either the fear of consequence or fear of difficulty.

Many of us have fears whether they are big or small but still we end up managing without conquering it or deleting its existence but think about yourself in a situation of a person who has fear of water and doesn’t know how to swim suddenly falling into deep waters.What will he do? If he wants to survive then he has to stop himself from drowning and if he is successful then he might try to learn swimming after being safe on the shores. This is the only trick going to help you that is Root of Fear is inaction and it can be cured only by doing something to cure it. Action towards fear is that pill which can help you conquer fears of your life.

If fear was nonexistent then there couldn’t have been so many books and quotes capturing the way to deal with fear. Most of the books and researches say that fear is being continuously nurtured by negative thoughts which are present in your memory. If you go swimming to a place then you might remember some situation where someone drowned while swimming there or any other places but such cases effect your mind’s thinking and seeds of fear are sown which slowly and slowly turn into a big monster so don’t let yourself go negative.

“As soon as you see your fear approach it and destroy it”.- Chanakya

Other side of a Coin

Every coin has 2 sides and every time we see one of the sides, the other side is completely non-existent for many of us but the fact that is hard to digest for all of us is that the side which is shown is there because another side of a coin is ready to be burdened by other face and gets buried down in same way as the foundation stones. It is not forced to be beneath the visible face but still fate chooses it. Everyone focuses on that side of coin which is visible to all of us and nobody is bothered about other side of the coin.

Same thing is going on with our society as we all are busy in looking at the top of the tower but almost nobody is looking at the basis or foundation of the tower. We all look at heroes and admire them but how many of us know the people behind them who helped them reach that spot.We can easily take names of many billionaires but we don’t know many of the employees who are working for them though I respect those billionaires’ leadership skills but you need to realize that there is a need to recognize those people who sometimes over-work for those billionaires.

Our outlook towards an outcome or a condition is always important and it is always necessary to check all the outcomes. We all use microwave ovens regularly at our home but its invention has got an interesting story behind it.Here is how we got an important lead in research of microwave.  It was at Raytheon when Spencer tried to investigate something strange that happened to his candy bar inside his pocket. While Spencer was working on building magnetrons for radar sets, he was standing in front of an active radar when his candy bar melted in his pocket. At this point he and other colleagues began positioning the magnetron in a manner to direct heat at other food items like popcorn kernels and egg to see if a similar effect would occur.Needless to say, this accidental melting of his candy bar inside his pocket led Percy Spencer to invent the microwave oven that is used in most households today. When Percy Spencer, the inventor of microwave oven was working on an active radiation radar at Raytheon and if he would not have observed the melted candy bar and his team would not have directed magnetron towards popcorn kernels or egg then we would have possibly received Microwave after too many researches.

So, don’t overlook anything. It can happen that the poison for someone turns out to be a medicine for someone.

Here is the link to Percy Spencer’s story where you can read Raymond Martinez’s answer:


The Revolution

Sometimes the situation you are living in,the place you live at and all the other things which have effect on your life are going great but sometimes it needs a ‘revolution’. Revolution is a change which is brought into a place,society or anything else but most important change a revolution needs to bring or brings is change in thinking. You are being good in revolution if you can change a hell into heaven but you are being best at it if you can change the thinking of people. Surely change of environment effects the thinking but it is when the thinking is in growing stage and not fully grown. So if you can change the thinking of people who have been believing into it then you are best in bringing revolution. Everyone needs revolution in some or the other way.Some need revolution in the conditions they are living at,some in their work while some in their heart. Revolution is not a sudden change.It took Indians too many years to realize that they need to fight colonial powers but that revolution required a lot of people giving up their lives to inspire people to fight for independence of the country.Now, people were ready to pickup weapons for independence but soon Gandhi entered the scenario and showed people that being non-violent also can help in spearheading the independence movement. This brought a revolution which also led to formation of Non-Aligned Movement by Jawahar Lal Nehru and many other head of the states of many countries,  Nelson Mandela being influenced by his methods for the independence of South Africa and Martin Luther King Jr. being influenced by his ideas of non-violence.

It is revolution which changes the course of history but the path of revolution is decided by thoughts of the leader of the revolution.

My Holi!

I am a festival lover (though I wasn’t earlier) and my favorite festival is Holi.Holi is the Indian festival of colors and joy which marks the beginning of spring.Here I am writing my experience of Holi in Jaisalmer which is unique in its own way.The festival marked its beginning on 8th day of the Sukla Paksha,Phalgun month according to Hindu Calendar. Pushkarna Brahmins start with singing songs related to Holi in Laxminath Temple of Jaisalmer and in some of their songs, they even tease lord Laxminath for his playful deeds. These songs were usually sung between 1 pm to 3pm. On 9th and 10th day too similar thing took place. On 11th day or Gyaras as we say there were lot of people and many of them were clad in pink turban and white Kurta Pajamas in those bhajans or faags as we say.From centuries, the (former now)king of Jaisalmer comes to the Laxminath Temple on Jaisalmer Fort and showers lot of gulal on all the people there. On that evening,Pushkarna Brahmins gathered in Gopa Chowk which happens to be near Fort’s gate along with a Tabla and soon our gathering turned into a procession which is called ‘Gair‘.Gair was singing abuses. The procession reached Mandir Palace which is home of royal family of Jaisalmer. This was our pre-Holi celebration and after the gair collected money from all the brahmin families, a feast was arranged near Gadisar Lake. A day before playing Holi, Holika was burnt which symbolizes the burning of Holika who schemed to burn Prahlad,a great devotee. Next morning,I got ready with my khandani-type pink pagdi and white kurta pajama. I reached fort with my cousin and we had some fun there. On Fort, we went to Badshah Darbaar where one person from Vyas community is made a king for a day.The stories say that once there was a Vyas from Jaisalmer who used to live far away.He was chased by army of ruler of that place because they wanted him to convert to Islam.Vyas came and told this to King of Jaisalmer who said that you can become Badshah on the day of Holi and army of that ruler would be fooled that you have converted and people will take it as a swaang(affectation). From the Badshah Darbaar we went to Mandir Palace as a Gair. We hurled abuses at ex-king and took Jhanda-Jhandi(another affectation) with us from Chainpura Street near Mandir Palace. After that,Gair returned back to Fort with Jhanda-Jhandi and after singing a song called ‘Ambo Chi Chi’ which means to say that ‘Holi is gone now and we must now wait for Diwali’ we went back to our homes after some dance.


The Unsung Hero

The Unsung Hero

Your soul shall rest under the nation’s pride,
With you holding our flag too high,
Oh unsung hero I pray for you!
You left your family for us anonymous to you
But all we did for you was equal to nothing.
We took pride in almost everything
But you were most humble even after doing such a thing.
Celebrity’s death was moaned by whole country,
But on your death tears were shed only by your friends and family.
Soon I saw a soul coming to me,
Shining in a tidy uniform,
The soul started speaking in an enchanting voice
“Thank you dear friend for caring for me,
But I didn’t lay my life for such pity things”
After recovering from this surprise,
I continued in an anxious voice
“Oh dear friend then
What about your family”?
He continued with a bold smile but there were few tears
“Initially I had some fears,
But with the passage of time they all got cleared,
The sight of my children and family’s courage,
Gave me a heaven entourage”
I moved as the soul disappeared,
With my eyes full of tears.

My Salute to all those who give up their lives for us. Let those eyes rest now which were once open for our safety.


We all work in our life and there are always some aspects in which we are good but there are some in which we are average but in some we are just ‘imperfect’. What is this Imperfection? According to dictionaries, imperfection means faulty or incomplete but wait isn’t it the incompleteness of your life that motivates you to be better. When you sleep, you think of having a better tomorrow and with this hope you close your eyes. And the next morning when you wake up you are the same person with same problems trying to behold you but now you are ready with a new energy which was filled up in you because of your imperfection. It is your constant imperfection which makes you feel like achieving perfection but it isn’t that easy to reach that stage.

Imperfection is not always alone and negative. It can sometimes be taken as strong motivation for yourself. Ratan Tata was imperfect in car business although he owned one. When he went to Detroit to sell this business to Ford, CEO of Ford taunted him saying “We are doing a favor by buying this business. Why did you enter this business when you knew nothing about it”. Tata cancelled the deal and returned and made Tata Motors a big success and subsequently also bought Ford-owned Jaguar and Land Rover car business. In this case you can see that though Tata was imperfect in passenger car business, he did well in it just because of the realization of imperfection accompanied by a great mind.

So we can say that imperfection is a good source of motivation if people take it in positive way. Sometimes it is not the brightest of light which can make your stars shine but it is the dark background that you need to make your stars shine.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































‘The Wordict’

Here are some lines/tales written by me:

  • The best works of writing exist because of best condition of mind or worst condition of heart.
  • The pen I was holding while writing my emotions was the heaviest thing I have ever taken in my hand.
  • If the sky of your life has turned dark then it means your stars are about to shine.
  • If people are throwing stones at you, then it is your duty to build a fort from them because forts are built from stones, not flowers.
  • This world is totally false. You cannot see the heaviest things-emotions and you cannot see the strongest in this world-time.
  • Had the night not been darker,moon wouldn’t have existed.
  • We can hear within fix range of frequency,smell within fix distance but still look till infinity because we have to travel a lot.
  • A short tale – “I kept my wealth ready to be taken but the pickpocket time took my youth from me” An old man said.


Colonel Curiosity

Our life is a war that we fight with ourselves. The anger that controls our mind sometimes is result of a bad decision taken by us in some situation and we are not ready to take responsibility of it most of the times. When we are happy it is the result of our decision which proved to be fruitful in the given situation. In both the cases, we are the ones whose decision has made the difference in our mood.Anger and sadness come and hold our intelligence as captive which is harmful but when their captive is our curiosity then it is even more harmful’. Our life is a battalion which is commanded by curiosity, an able colonel and commander which can help you fight most difficult situations because it is the curiosity which gives our existence a life. When your commander is captivated by the most powerful enemies our life which are anger and sadness, it is the moment when our life stops fighting for it. If you find yourself just repeating the same routine everyday without any change or occasional explorations of yourself then you are just existing and not living. Just like an army falling in absence of a leader,our body or our life also reaches its downfall when it loses its commanders:Curiosity and Intelligence. 

Curiosity is something that is natural and everyone has got some traces of it but still many of the people lack curiosity. It is not that they lacked it from starting point of their life but it was the way there curiosity was being taken by the people around them. If people around a curious child aren’t understanding the child’s curiosity then he/she would have to suffer because a team without a leader always suffers but in some cases when child is not having much curiosity but the environment around leads to growth of it and intelligence then anger and sadness will have a tough time beating the superb combination of intelligence and curiosity. So it can be concluded that if the curiosity is like a dead plant it can be nurtured to a good condition by proper ways but a well grown plant also can turn into a dead plant after the care and nutrition stops. It depends on the environment and our own willingness to be curious.

  • Try exploring yourself,your passion and your addiction.
  • Don’t stop learning.
  • Questioning is an important aspect of curiosity.
  • Barriers in your path of knowledge and curiosity must be overlooked.

Be Curious!